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I spent some years designing this instrument and I have came up with a whistle that has a tapered bore (in the style of Clarke, Victorian flagolets and late medieval recorders/piffero, etc.

So the result is a D whistle with a nice bit more volume and body than my other brass bodied whistle. Although it is a little louder the tone from the wooden body results in a nice mellow tone.


The internal taper means that there is a better balance of volume between the 2 octaves so the high notes aren't piercing and the 2nd octave doesn't take a huge amount of extra air.

In saying that, this instrument does take a bit more air in general compared to my other brass D whistle.


Typically the bodies of each instrument are made from African Blackwood





I also use various types of Rosewoods, lignum Vitae and Katalox.

Now and again I'll use lighter coloured woods such as Turkish Boxwood and Mountain Mahogany with imitation ivory (which is a white plastic with a subtle grain to impersonate antique ivory) and brass rings to secure and decorate the wooden body of the whistle. 

These materials will not always be available so you'll usually see these instruments in the "Available now" section of this site.








Boxwood and mountain mahogany whistles can vary in price.


These instruments are quickly becoming popular so please drop me a line at the email address below to check for expected delivery times.

The master, Declan Quinn playing an E flat wooden Thornton Whistle at John D McGurks

A very special edition!

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